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Annie Ojile is a photographer, creative director and entrepreneur living in Rome, Italy. Originally from Minnesota with Lebanese and Italian roots, Annie embarked on a career in fashion in New York City, working for brands like Donna Karan and Anne Klein, before moving to Italy and founding Scooteroma and Personalized Italy.

A creative entrepreneur with a strong vision, she has styled and directed photoshoots, forged partnerships and produced one of the most successful social media accounts in Rome. Her photography has been showcased in numerous publications around the world, including Forbes, CBS Sunday Morning News and Departures Magazine.

Annie’s passion for Italian daily life is reflected in her work. She has an eye for unfiltered Italy, capturing street art, markets, shrines and Vespas from Rome to Ischia and Palermo. A simple stolen moment comes to life behind her lens. She is thrilled to share emblematic scenes of Italy from her camera roll straight to your home.